1. I forgot my email address, what do I do?
  2. I forgot my password, what do I do?
  3. My email and password are correct, why can't I log-in?
  4. What forms of payment do you accept?
  5. Is my credit card information safe on your site?
  6. How accurate are the colors on the website?
  7. How do I delete my cookies?
  8. How do I change my email address?
  9. What is a Promo Code and where do I get one?
  10. Do you sell wholesale?
  11. Having problems viewing Kit fabrics or Book pages?
  12. Having problems printing free patterns?
  13. How do I remove myself from the Connecting Threads catalog mailing list?
  14. How do I submit a pattern for Designer Downloads?
  15. How do I get my pattern download?
  1. I forgot my email address, what do I do? If you cannot remember the email address you use to log in, you can contact Customer Service and request the email address you used to register with us. However, if that email is no longer active, you will need to re-register using a new email address and password.

  2. I forgot my password, what do I do? Enter the email address you registered with into the Password Reset feature. We will send a link  to that email address to your Account Page so you can create a Password. Please make sure you are accepting emails from our website, so your password email is not marked as SPAM.

  3. My email and password are correct, why can't I log-in? You may need to up-date certain settings and functions in your computer. Here is a brief list of what needs to be done:
    • Print your cart so you won't lose this information.
    • You need to add www.connectingthreads.com to your Allowed Websites.
    • Your Security Setting can be no higher than medium high.
    • Delete all Connecting Threads cookies (listed as CT).
    • Close your browser and re-open to establish the new settings.

  4. What forms of payment do you accept?

    All of our transactions are in U.S. dollars. We accept Visa, MasterCard, DISCOVER, and American Express as credit cards. We also offer Pay Pal for your convenience.  In addition U.S. Residents can mail us a check or money order denominated in U.S. dollars. Please note there is a $15 service charge for personal checks returned for NSF. Sorry, no C.O.D. or purchase orders.

  5. Is my credit card information safe on your site?

    Yes. Since our website launch in 1994, we have processed millions of credit card orders for thousands of satisfied customers. As an online company committed to protecting our customers’ privacy, Connecting Threads rigorously follows the PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards for compliance. The requirements put in place by PCI are continually updated for your safety.

    Your personal and credit card information is fully encrypted by our Secure Socket Layer technology. For you techies out there, that means that no server other than Connecting Threads' will be able to decode it. Our site is verified as secure and encrypted by Trustwave.

    For your protection, we do not allow unsecured transactions. You cannot accidentally place an order through an unsecured connection because if your browser or computer setup does not allow transmission through secure servers, our server will not allow you to connect to us.

    Of course, if you are more comfortable shopping by mail or over the phone, that is always an option.

  6. How accurate are the colors on the website?

    When obtaining images for yarn and books, we do our best to achieve the highest level of color accuracy and image sharpness without compromising how quickly the images will appear on your screen. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee how images appear to you. Every computer system and monitor displays color differently. If you've ever been in an electronics store, you may have noticed how the same television program looks different on various display televisions. Think of your computer system in the same way. A green will probably never appear blue, but it may be difficult to tell the difference between a blue-green and a turquoise. Some images may also appear darker than the item will actually be in real-life.If you are dissatisfied with how color displays on your computer, we recommend discussing it with a qualified professional (whether that be your granddaughter or technical support from the place where you purchased your computer.) It is possible to improve color accuracy on your computer- it may require only simple tweaking of your display settings or it may necessitate the purchase of new software or hardware.

  7. How do I delete my cookies?

    This will delete any items in your shopping cart, so you will want to print it or write down the items first.If you are using Internet Explorer as your Internet Service Provider:

    1. In Internet Explorer, on the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
    2. On the General tab, click Settings, and then click View files.
    3. Select the cookie you want to delete, and then, on the File menu, click Delete.


    • Some Web sites store your member name and password or other personally identifiable information about you in a cookie; therefore, if you delete a cookie, you may need to re-enter this information the next time you visit the site.
    • To delete all of the cookies on your computer, click Delete Cookies on the General tab.
    • If you use another Internet Service Provider, while you are in this Service click on HELP and enter Delete Cookies and it should bring up the instructions how to do this in their software.

  8. How do I change my email address?

    Go to My Account and log in using your original Email Address and Password. It will take you to “Edit your existing member account” Go to the first section marked “login information" and change your email address in the designated field. Review the other information and then click the SUBMIT button.

  9. What is a Promo Code and where do I get one?

    The promotion code is only needed when ordering from a sale advertisement in a magazine. If there is a time that you will need to use a promotional code to receive a special price, we will inform you through the advertisement, email or in the catalog.

  10. Do you sell wholesale?

    We do not offer wholesale prices at this time. Most of our products have already been reduced in price and we feel that those prices are very competitive in today's market. We want to offer the same great prices to all of our customers.

  11. Having problems viewing Kit fabrics or Book pages?

    To view this information you need to turn off your pop-up blocker on your browser software.

    Note: This function is usually listed under the Tool Menu.

  12. Having problems printing free patterns? To print free patterns you need to turn off your pop-up blocker on your browser software.

    Note: This function is usually listed under the Tool Menu.

  13. How do I remove myself from the Connecting Threads catalog mailing list?

    If you are receiving a Connecting Threads catalog in the mail, and you prefer not to, fill out the Stop Receiving the Connecting Threads Catalog in the Mail Form, and we will omit your name from future mailings.

    We generate our mailing list several weeks in advance of a catalog being mailed, so you may still receive one catalog after filling out this form, depending upon where we are in our mailing process.

    If you are a current customer, you will still be able to order our products on the phone, or on our webpage.

  14. What is the Independent Designer Program

    Our customers are constantly looking for inspiration to help them shrink their stashes. It is because of this that we created our Independent Designer program. The benefits of this program are threefold. First, our customers benefit by having an added source of inspiration through our catalog and online patterns. We benefit because we are able to make our customers happy. Most importantly, you benefit by receiving a tremendous amount of exposure, building your brand, and making money!

     We’ve tried to create a fair and equitable program for you the Pattern Designer.  The basic program: You provide us with your pattern in pdf form as well as a clear image of the project.  You tell us how much you would like to sell the pattern for, we recommend 30% - 50% off the pattern packet price because the customer is paying for printing cost.  The customer downloads the pattern instantly after checking out from our secure shopping cart.  From that sale, you receive 60%, Connecting Threads (CT) receives 40%.

     How is my pattern protected from illegal reproduction? 

    We will place a copyright watermark on the pdf (printed along the bottom of each page which will include the name of the person who purchased the pattern) to discourage unauthorized distribution.  However, keep in mind that in this day of electronics, any customer can purchase your physical pattern, scan it and email or post it somewhere on the web, so even your regular printed patterns are not safe.

     What type of patterns are you looking for?

    Any well written, error free pattern for a project that is sewn (quilts, wall hangings, kitchen crafts, totes, craft items, home decor projects, clothing, etc.)  The only requirement is that the final pattern be printable on a home printer, on 8 ½” x 11” paper.  Patterns with templates or drawings larger than this would need to be reduced and the enlargement instructions provided in the pattern, or include instructions to piece templates that are on several sheets of paper.

     Because these do not have to be compatible with our fabrics, we can offer many more varied patterns, such as embroidery and wool projects.  However, as we search for patterns to kit in our fabrics, we’ll be looking for projects that are precut friendly (fat quarters, charms, strips, etc), or that will look great in our fabrics. 

     If you have previously submitted pattern packets to CT for review, you’ll need to submit your pattern electronically.  You can submit the entire pattern in pdf format with a photo of the project on our New Vendor Pattern Proposal site https://www.connectingthreads.com/cfOPS/views/patternProposalNew.cfm.

     What if I want to sell my patterns on my own website, or to another catalog company?

    That’s okay!  There is no exclusivity agreement.  You can submit patterns to CT that are sold anywhere else, including your own website.  This program will be an additional outlet for the sale of your patterns.

     I don’t own any fancy software.  How do I give you the files you need? 

    We don’t need anything fancy either!  With free software available on the internet, you can convert many documents, including Word, to a PDF.  Also check the software you currently use, it might have a PDF option built in.  The easiest way to make a document into a PDF is to use Adobe Acrobat. Adobe also has an online service for converting documents into PDFs.
    Also, here is a good tutorial on how to create PDFs.

    How do I get started?

    If you are new to the Independent Designer Program please fill out all your information and submit your pattern(s) on our secure website: https://www.connectingthreads.com/cfOPS/views/patternProposalNew.cfm.  

     If you have any questions about any part of this program, please feel free to email us at  ctdesigns@craftsamericana.com or call Anita McIntire, Pattern Download Coordinator, Connecting Threads, at 360-260-8900 ext. 131.

  15. How do I get my pattern download?

    Once you purchase a download from us, the link to open it is found in your first email confirmation. We also put it in your pattern library that is located at the top of the home page. You will need to be logged in or have your order number to view/print your pattern.